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Batching Plants

14 CUMT Batching Plant

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14 cumt Capacity Reversible Mixer
Specifications for Batching Plant with reversible mixer :
1. 14 cumt capacity Reverse Drum mixer having sliding hopper (Not tilting hopper) mounted on heavy duty channels. - If required the mixer can be mounted on tyres for shifting.
2. Three Bin Hopper System with weighing system. -
3. Centralised Control Panel -
4. 6m long Cement Screw Conveyor with Cement Weighing System and Hopper for bagged Cement Optional Operating Room with AC. -
14 CUMT Capacity Automatic Batching Plant Feeding System into Mixer Hopper Backview of 3-Bin Batching System
with Weighing
             Centralised Control Panel 14 cumt Capacity Reversible Mixer Cement Weighing System

30 CUMT Batching Plant

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The ASHOK concrete batching plant is specially designed for the production of concrete at sites where the quality, flexibility and performance are key features to consider. It consists of aggregate batching system, aggregate conveying system, measuring system, mixing system, electric control system, supplying water system, supplying gas system, additives-supply system, cement screw conveyor,
Mixing System
TWIN SHAFT MIXER offers the most advanced mixing solutions, due to its counter rotating shafts creating a spiral shaped vertical and horizontal mixing ensuring a three dimensional mix for the best concrete quality. The height of the mixer is above 3.8 mtrs which makes it suitable for transit mixer feeding.
Aggregate Batching System
Three or Four Bin Batching System for sand and aggregate. Loading of sand and aggregate can be done in the bins. The batching system uses conveyor belts and electronic load cell for accurate weight-based transfer of materials to the skip bucket.
PLD1200-III or IV bins                         
Aggregate Conveying System
The wire rope enabled aggregate conveying System transfers the aggregate and sand from the Batching system to the mixer. The bottom gate of the skip bucket opens on reaching the mixer so that the material can shift inside the mixer.
Centralised Control Panel
The system combines the power of a PLC system and the accuracy of dedicated batch controllers to provide reliable and accurate control. The PLC system is one of the most advanced, with options like formula storage, alarm generation, manual over-ride on automatic mode of operation, software calibration for all scales with password protection and printing facility. The complete plant can be operated by a single control panel or computer system.
PLD1200-III or IV bins                          
Measuring System
The measuring system is made up of cement, water and additives measuring hoppers. Each hopper is mounted on independent modular frame structure and the weighment can be done by individual electronic load cell for each.
Screw Conveyor
Screw conveyors are used for the transfer of cement from the feeding hopper to the discharge hopper. The screw conveyor uses electric motor for circulation of the screw, which results in carrying the cement to the discharge hopper.
Cement Feeding System
50 ton cement silo (optional)   Manual Cement Feeding Hopper ( optional)
Cement feeding can be done by two options. The first is by using a 50-100 ton cement silo depending on the requirement of cement in the batching plant. The second option is to manually load bags of cement into the cement feeding hopper.
Item Unit Parameter
Max Productivity m3/h 30
Volume of Mixer m3 0.5
Capacity Aggregate Scale kg 1500
Capacity of Cement Scale kg 300
Capacity of Water Scale kg 150
Capacity of Screw Conveyer t/h 35
Volume of Cement Silo (optional) t 50
Volume of Manual Cement Loading Hopper (optional)  t 1
Mixing Power kW 18.5
Lifting Power kW 5.5
Total Power kW 60
Total Weight t 25
Outer Dimension(L×W×H) m 15×8×14
Discharging height m 3.8
Aggregate Measure Precision % ±2
Water Measure Precision % ±1
Cement Measure Precision % ±1
Additives Measure Precision % ±2