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Compaction Equipment
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Earth Rammer / Compactor Compacting Roller      
Tamping Rammer
Tamping Rammer is a unique type of Vertical Jumping Rammer particularly suitable when work space for compaction is restricted. The tamping system is lubricated with grease and encapsulated to make it water and dust proof. Gives an impact force of about 1 Ton capacity. Depth of compaction 300mm with a travelling speed of 10mtr / min. Operates on Petrol / kerosene air cooled Engine. Used for compaction of rockfill , clayey soil , sand and gavel.

Application and Uses
Backfilling work , Embankment , Road repairing work. Used for compaction & backfill of cable trenches, electric lines, telephone lines, water lines and road potholing, backfilling between building plinth beam etc.
Outstanding for Easy operation, Simple & robust Construction, High compression performance, High cross – country performance because of low centre-of-gravity. ASHOK Vibrating Rammers are made of selected & well treated material. It’s efficient self propulsion guarantees rapid compaction of large areas and exceptional climbing ability. On account of their better than average high frequency of excitation the ASHOK Vibrating Rammers have a true vibration effect & thus the very best compressing result are achived. It is provided with a Centrifugal Clutch for easy starting & idling and Hand Throttle Control for variable frequency operation. Centrifugal clutch also increase the life of the engine and protect the same from the sudden thrust or jerk load produced by jamming of bearing or eccentric shaft. It is provided with impact shock free operating handle and detachable trolley with wheels and towing hook for easy transportation. The Vibrating Element consist element shaft which is mounted on heavy duty bearing running in a sealed oil bath. This provides adequate lubrication and cooling. The element housing securely mounted at the forward end of the base plate to achive maximum compaction and forward motion. The base plate is constructed from M.S. plate. C.I. Base Plate are also supplied. Their size is scaled down in such a fashion that they can efficiently be selected for every optimum working angle. The very deep lying force of gravity matched with a large base plate has made ASHOK Vibrating Rammers a landmark in the Indian market.
Application and Uses
Compaction of Asphalt premix & chipping carpet, sealing coat, granular soils, sand gravel , slag chips, dry concrete & bituminious coarse base. Pot holes and patch repair, plinth fillings inside building, compaction and greding operation, compaction of small trenches, stabilizer of cycle track and side walls.

Special Salient Features
High working speed at low cost, Maximum depth effect, Easy to operated & less maintenance. Throttle speed control, High compaction capacity, Centrifugal clutch pulley, Separate trolley, Light in weight, Self propelled, Robust in design & construction, High gradient capacity, Vibration proof streering handle.
Technical Data
Compaction Capacity 8-10 Tons 4 Tons 1-2 Tons 3 Tons
Impact Force upto (approx) 3500 Kgs 2000 Kgs 1000 Kgs 1500 Kgs
Vibration Frequency (approx) 2000 VPM 4500 VPM 5100 VPM 4500 VPM
Depth Effect (Depending on type of soil) 20’’ 15’’ 6’’ 10’’
Travel Speed (Depending on type of soil) Upto 50 ft,/min. Upto 66 ft./min. Upto 65 ft./min Upto 66 ft./min
Gradient Capability Upto 20% Upto 20% Upto 20% Upto 20%
Compacting Plate Size 900mm x 600mm 620mm x 490mm 445mm x 300mm 570mm x 400mm
Working Area (approx) 6000 sq.ft./Hr 4500 sq.ft./Hr 4500 sq.ft./Hr 4400 sq.ft./Hr
Direction of Travel Forward Forward Forward Forward
Power Unit 6.25 H.P. aircooled D/Engine or 7.5 H.P. Ele. Motor 4.5 H.P. Greaves A/C D/Engine or 5-H.P. 440/50/3 AC Electric Motor 3.4 H.P. Greaves A/C Petrol / Kerosene Engine or 3- H.P. 440/50/3 or G.K. 200 – 3.1 H.P. 3.4 H.P. Greaves A/C Petrol / Kerosene Engine or 3- H.P. 440/50/3AC. Ele. Motor or Sriram Honda GK-200-3.1 HP
Static Weight (approx) 700 Kg 160 Kg 70 Kg 100 Kg
Base M.S. M.S. (MK-1) With C.I. Base 250 Kg. M.S. M.S.