Ashok Engineering and Construction
Cube Testing Machine
'ASHOK' 100 TONES capacity COMPRESSION Testing Machine- hand operated for compression Test on Cement or Concrete or similar materials and suitable for use on Concrete Cubes of any size up to 15x15x15 Cm. (6"x6"x6") and also on 15 Cm. diax30 Cm. high concrete Cylinder (6"x12"). The load is applied through an Hydraulical duplicating pump and is indicated on the 6" dia Hydraulic Pressure Guage calibrated & Tested by National Test House, graduated 0-120 Tons with one-Ton Division.
'ASHOK' 150 TONES capacity Compression Testing Machine Hand-operated or Electrically operated-Construction features as above. The Dial Gauge is graduated from 0-175 Tons in One ton Division.
C.I. Cibe Moulds available in the following size as per I.S.S.
  »   4"x4"x4" or 10 cm.x10 cm.x10 cm. or 100x00x100 mm.
  »   6"x6"x6" or 15 cm.x15 cm.x15 cm. or 150mmx150mmx150mm.
C.I. Cylinderical Moulds as per I.S.S. 15cm.x30cm. or 6"x12".
Our Other Products
Ashok Construction Equipment mfg. by us covers full range of Concrete Vibrators Mixtures 10/7 7/5 5/3½ cu. ft. Capacity, Pneumatic Guniting machine, Cement Grouting Pump, Power Winches, Portable Gantry Vibratory Earth Rammers, 5H.P. Diesel Engine & Pumping Sets, Floor polishing machine, Laboratory Equipment, Hollow Block making machine, Pneumatic Tools & Moulds etc.