Ashok Engineering and Construction
Scaffolding Tubes And Fitting
'Right angle or double coupler to connect two tubes at right angle.
Base plate to provide flat bearing surface for even load distribution.
Propex-mini prop providing 600 mm to 900 mm height.
Adjustable stirrup head gives vertical adjustment between 75 mm to 225 mm supplied to suit 60.3 mm od or 48.3 mm od tubes.Adjustable base plates are also available.
joint pin connect two tubes end to end.
Putlog coupler for two horizontal tubes at right angle.
ASP Scaffolding
Height Widths
2000MM 1880MM
1500MM 1270MM
1000MM 810MM
Consists of two verticals and one horizontal made of 48.3mm od tubes. lugs are welded at every 500mm on verticals to provide positive support to horizontal. horizontal is made from two three ways clamps welded to both ends of a pipe ledger tube has to be used to connet two or more aps units.
Handy hance easy for errection at great heights.
Easy for transportation and storage in dismentled condition.
Ideal for scaffolding or support multiple staging as the system allows any desired spacings of unit.
H- Frame Scaffolding  
Consisting of welded frame of two verticals and two horizontal made of 48.3mm od tubes and 32 or 50mm nb socket and spigot. Two frames are interconnected by scissor cross braces through pins welded on frames and locked in position by spring clips. Bracing in alternate staging frames may be skipped depending on the suit different frame spacings.
Usws and Applicable
Can be used as tower scaffolding around builder’s hoist.
H-frame of 60.3mm od tubes can also be used for support staging below bridge girder, heavy rrs industrial structures etc.
Ideal as scaffoldng and multiple tier staging around silos, high rise building etc.  
Height Widths
2000 MM 1880 MM
1500 MM 1250 MM
1000 MM 900 MM
Staging Of Bridges  
U frames / h- frames can be arranged on levelled surface as per designed spacings in multiple units upto the bottom of the deck slab. Ledgers are held in both directions with double / right angle coupler. Cross bracing are privided with swivel coupler for proper load distribution . Stirrup heads are used in each leg for final adjustment. To take care of deck slope. Staging with adjustable props with adequate bracings also can be undertaken where the height of the bridge / culvert is low.
Adjustable Span  
The adjustable spans are made out of 14 swg./12 swg. Sheet , 10mm / 14mm m.s. rounds and m.s. tee. Consists of an outer and sn inner member. Having exceptionally high load bearing capacity for its low wieght. Completely eliminates intermediate proping to support shuttering plate.
Clear Span In Mtr Min. Max.
ESO + ESI 1.75 2.70
SO + ESI 2.40 3.45
SO +SI 2.45 4.16
SO + LI 3.06 4.75
LO + SI 3.10 4.90
LO + LI 3.10 5.50
This table provides ready rackoner for determining the suitable span and spacing of span for various slab thickness. Moximum length of the span should not be less then clear span + 13cm.
Total Load Including 180kg/Sq. Mtr
Shuttering Load & Live Load In
100 420
125 480
150 540
200 660
Permissible Clear Spans For Span Spacing
600 800 900 1150
5500 5000 4150 4010
5330 4650 4340 3760
5000 4350 4090 3560
4520 3950 3680 3200
4140 3650 3380 2840
3730 3400 3150 2490
Wedge Lock Scaffolding  
Consists Of Avertical With Wedge Housing Welded At Every 1000/500mm, In Four Direction At Right Sngle. Ledger / Transoms Have End Fitting With Wedges To Fit And Lock In The Wedge Housings.
This type of scaffolding got the merit of simple and fast errection and permits changing level of ledgers / transoms without distrubimg main scaffolding.
Uses & application  
This sysem is deal for ideal for very high scaffolding or support multiple staging for chimney – silo construction and sidely used for ship building jobs.  
Telescopic Steel Props  
Outter member made from 60.3mm od & inner member made from 48.3mm od m.s. pipes . Junior props are made from 50.8mm od & 44.4mm od m.s. pipes. Provided with nut with self cleaning notch.
Height In Mtr Safe Axial Load In Kg
Prop Closed Extended Closed Extended
Junior 2.00 3.10 1000 1500
ON 1.10 1.75 3500 3000
1N 1.50 2.75 3200 2300
2N 2.00 3.25 3000 2200
3N 2.00 3.75 2900 2000
4N 3.00 4.65 2300 1150
5N 3.00 5.50    
Slab Form / Floor Form  
Slab forms are manufactured out of 14 swg or 12 swg. Sheet with pressed flanges and central stiffner. Available in 1150 x 600mm, 900 x 60mm and 800 x 600mm. Adjuster slab forms cover up the balance centreing area, thus eliminating wastage and cutting of timber altogether. Matching slots are punched on the flanges of the slab form.
Wall Form Shuttering  
Wall form shutteringpanels are manufactured from 12 swg. M.s. sheet with slotted 45 x 45 x 4/5 mm angle framed and stiffner. Channel or heavy duty sildiers are supplied in 2.5 mtr. X 100mm width. Heavy duty soldiers are to be used in place of channel soldiers for single sided shuttring.
The wall form panels and soldiers are assembled together with tubes or channel walers by single clip and bridge clip. For curved walls flexible pannels are used insteade of wall panels.
The figure shows assemble ready for 2nd pour with soldiers remaining in the same position. Wall ties remain embedded in first pour. For successive pours, complete assembly of panels soldiers and walings is lifted in convenient length.
This system is being used for construction of r.c.c. walls , column, beams etc. Splay panel , haunch panel, internal corner panel and external cornar angle are also available.
Adjustable Column Clamps  
Adjustable column clamps are manufactactured in three size to ccommodate column sizes from 30.5 cm to 133.0 cm and are ideally suited for use with either timber or steel forms, each is supplied complete with four arms with wedge and chain fittings.
Size No. Column Size Length Of Width Of
  Min Max Arm In MM Arm In MM
01 30.5 CM 73.0   CM 955 60
02 44.0 CM 104.0 CM 1255 60
03 67.5 CM 133.0 CM 1575 75