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Asphalt Mixer
Special Features :
Ashok Engineering Asphalt Mixers are famous especially for road construction and development. Robust in construction. Easy for operation. Minimum maintenance.
The research and knowledge which go into the development of Ashok Engineering, big or small, ensure longer life, extra reliability and consistently high efficiency. Made by best brains the new 10 CFT. Asphalt Mixer offers a high degree of accuracy combined with smooth performance for year after year of relentless service.
Ashok Engineering technology is constantly updated to keep abreast with the world's most advanced kinds of road construction and development.
Asphalt Mixer                   
Technical Data
8/10 Tons Capacity
Width ----------- 8'-2"
Height ----------- 9'-10"
Length ---------- 12'-6"
Weight ---------- 350 Kgs(approx.)
6/8 Tons Capacity
Width ----------- 7'-4"
Height ----------- 8'-10"
Length ---------- 11'-0"
Weight ---------- 300 Kgs(approx.)