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Passenger Hoist
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Passenger Hoist, commonly known as outdoor elevators, provide safe and speedy vertical transport of personnel and materials by using cages consisting of gear driving mechanism and safety devices. A suspension cage carrying personnel or materials moves along a guide bracket braced up on the foundation and attached to the building and uses a rack to ascend, descend or stop at the desired floor. This product uses the latest design drawings and transform the human environmental situation under the tradition model which emphasizes cargo carriage. It has fundamentaly improved operators and passengers comfort, safety, reliability and aesthetics, reflecting "people-based" features.
Cage Single Cage  
Cage dimension (m) 2.4(H)*1.5(W)*3.0(L) perforated steel plate
Type of mast Hot dip Galvanised  
Mast section 650*650*1508mm Φ76 seamless steel tube, galvanized
Mast area 40*60*1508mm  
Motor 2 x 11 kw  
Speed Normal motor – 36m/min  
Vdf motor – 0-40m/min
Capacity 1000kg 12 – 15 person can travel
Mast lifting By seprate motor Radio control facilty available. No lifting of mast manually
Tie-in every 9m per one  
Safety Device SAJ4.0-1.2,, Limit switches, State of the art anti-braking device Shall be provided
Cable L= H +12M Shall be provided
Operator seat We are providing a separate operator enclosure for operator covered with glass and the entire floor of cage is free for passenger and material to be carried