Ashok Engineering and Construction
Piling Winches and Accesories
Bored Piling Winch
Bored Piling Winch are famous for its
Unique design, trouble free service & Roboust
Cone Clutch for Easy Operation
Heat Treated M.S. Pinion for Smooth functioning.
Carbon Steel Structure
Heavy Duty Bearing
All Controls within Reach of Operator.
Power – Electric Motor/Diesel Engine.
Safety Ratchet Arrangement
Single Drum Bored Piling Winch Double Drum Bored Piling Winch
Capacity: 7.5 Ton, 5 Ton, 3 Ton, 2 Ton  
Double Drum Winch
It is suitable for
Well sinking, Pile Driving, Erection and Hoisting and suitable for working with Grab Buckets or Drop hammer.  
Rolled Steel welded construction. Drums work independently.
Expansion type rotary clutch having positive action.
Carbon steel shaft.
Power – Diesel Engine, (Electric Motor)
Self Aligning Heavy Duty Bearings.
All controls within reach of operator
Grab Bucket
Forged Teeth bolted with cutting edges.  
M.S. welded cum bolted construction.
M.S. Deep Groove pulley Carton steel shaft.
Capacity – 1.5 cu. Mtr., 1 cu. Mtr., 1 cu. Yd., 0.75 cu. Yd., 0.50 cu. Yd.
Reversible Winch
SKID Frame Type – Frame made out of heavy steel sections.
M.S. Gear & Pinion.
Reduction through Gear Box and Bull Gear & Pinion.
Carbon steel shaft.
A Safety Ratchet System.
Variable Speed Motor.
M.S. Drums.
Teeth Cut on Gear Hobbing Machine for Perfect Pitch.
Hydraulic Thrustor Break.
Manual Break.
All controls within reach of operator.
Load & Speed as per Requirement of the Customer
Double Drum Winch                    
Grab Bucket                             
Reversible Winch                       
Centrifugal Pump
5” x 4” Centrifugal Horizontal Pump mounted on Trolley/Skid Frame. Material of construction
Liquid or Slurry to be pumped: Bentonite Slurry Suction Cover & Casing: C.I. Rubber lined
Discharge: 500 GPM Impeller: C.I. Rubber lined
Total Head: 50’ ft. Back Plate: C.I. Rubber lined
Size: 4” Discharge, 5” Suction All the Inner Parts are given a lining of rubber for more life of the pump
Pump Speed: 820 RPM Due to High Discharge Bentonite can be circulated to 4 piles at a time
Bored Piling Equipment Accessories
Chisel Swivel DMC Pipe 5'x4" Centrifugal Pump for
Bentonite circulation
Trimme Pipe Bailor Trimme Hopper Trimme Head | DMC Head