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Pneumatic Guniting Shotcreting Machine & Concrete placer
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Pneumatic Concrete Placer Pneumatic Guniting & Shot Creting Machine
"ASHOK" Pneumatic Concrete Placer : Portable or Stationary type, capable of throwing concrete upto 100 mtr. horizontally and 30 mtr. vertically at an air pressure of 6 to 7 kg/cm2 (90-100 ps) complete with air lines. valves and pressure gauge - with an outlet of 6* (150 mm) dia for concrete discharge with quick action coupling. The placer can be supplied either on a Fixed frame, on wheels for rail 24", 36" or 42" gauge. on solid steel wheels/castor wheels or Rubber tyred wheels.
¼ cu. yd. (7 cft)
½ cu. yd. (13.5 cft)
2/4 cu. yd. (20 cft)
1 cu. yd. (27 cft)
Optional Accessories
M.s.Steel pipe 150 mm dia with quick action coupling in length of 6 mtr., 3 mtr., 1 mtr.
Large Radius bends of 90", 45", 30"
Rubber Rings for quick action coupling
Air receiver Tank
Quick action coupling
Flexible Rubber Hose pipe with both end flange connection
Discharge Box
Automatic Loader
Tunnel Linings Cooling Towers
Piers River Valley Projects
Silos Repairing of Arch Bridges and other such structures
"ASHOK" Pneumatic Concrete Placer are robustly built , simple in working, stronger, Durable and has been improved with the aid of new idea suggestions by its actual user and our research work and engineering skill.
"ASHOK" Pneumatic Concrete Placer
Model ¼ cu. yd. ½ cu. yd. 3/4 cu. yd 1 cu. yd.
Capacity in ltrs. 200 ltrs 400 ltrs 600 ltrs 760 ltrs
Capacity in cu. ft. 7 cu. ft. 13.5 cu. ft. 20 cu. ft. 27 cu. ft
Rated Hourly Capacity in m3 11 M3 23 M3 34 M3 44 M3
Maximum size of Aggregate in mm 40 45 45 45
Air Receiver Tank Capacity required in m3 1.1 1.7 2 2.3
Air Compressor Output requirement in m3/min. 1.7 M3/minute 2.55 M3/minute 3 M3/minute 3.4 M3/minute
Note : Actual Hourly concrete output depends on the amount of concrete delivered to the placer and horizontal & vertical length of delivery pipe to forms. Records show that 50% higher output than above rated capacity can be obtained. Normally the placer transports concrete at a speed of 1.83 to 3 mtr. / sec. upto distance of 15 mtr. vertical or 55 mtr. horizontal.