Ashok Engineering and Construction
Rotary Pile Driving Rigs
Features :
It is mechanically driven, hydraulically operated, easy handling, maintenance, and of dependable quality
There are six speed choices of the tumtable to meet excavating requests in different layers
The machine is equipped with hydraulic system, achieving :
(1) The turntable and the hydraulic device together work to move the drilling tools of large diameters away from the piling
(2) Derrick is conveniently driven by cylinder; The main winch and auxiliary winch is easily used alternately to improve the efficiency
Easy handling and reliable operation of the winches with planetary gear system
"n" type derrick, with guiding device, improving the verticality of the piling and convenient for drilling efficiency
Using all kinds of drilling pipes, suitable for drilling for all kinds of torques. The drilling pipes, which can carry out the mud suction for direct and reverse circulation, as well as air-lift reverse circulation, realize high discharging and high drilling speed
The base machine is fixed onto the base pedestal which can roll, it is convenient for aiming at holes and fixing the place. Reasonable design and compact structure. The machine is light and easy for transportaion
It is widely used in all kinds of complex construction conditions, such as in land and on the water
Easy for maintenance