Ashok Engineering and Construction
Twin Cage Material Hoist
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We have launched a very efficient and innovative Builder’s / Materials Hoist using state of the art technology. Here are a few details:
Safety equipments of the highest standards have been installed to ensure a more trustworthy work environment
The speed of transportation of material increases to 52 m/min
Materials of all kinds can be transported. Concrete can be directly poured on a wheelbarrow and be unloaded at construction site directly
Each cage has a load capacity of 600 kg having huge space for materials
No scaffoldings are required. The mast can be directly tied to building. Thus, cost of scaffolding is saved
Two separate traction machines allow individual free working of cages at the same time
Capacity 3 Ton (Each Cage 1.5 Ton + 1.5 Ton)
Mast Made of tubular section with bracings. Size – 900 x 900 x 1508 mm
Speed 52 M/Min
Cage Dimension 3.0 x 1.3 x 2.3 Mtr. (Twin Cages)
Working Height Any height
Cage Twin
Tie Rod Provided
Safety systems to be included 1. Upper/Lower limiting device
2. Fall arrestor
3. Guide wheel
4. Twin machine tracking system
Wire Rope Included – Cage is hanged on 3 rope
Rated load of cage Each cage (600 kg + 600 kg) = 1200 kg
Safety Features
Wire Rope : The lift is towered by 3 wire ropes, and the cage is installed with rope-break protecting device and landing protective device such that the possibility of rope break falling accidents is greatly reduced.
Upper and Lower Limiting Device
When the suspension cage reaches the established, maximum or minimum height, power supply will be automatically disconnected and the cage will immediately stop operating. This maximizes construction safety.
Fall Arrestor
When the hauling cable breaks, the safety hook will automatically arrests the fall.
Guide Wheel
Two-way outer-clamping rolling design allows the suspension cage to operate in a more flexible and steadier manner.
Twin-Machine Traction System
Each machine is an independent system. Both the machines work in a sink. Highly swift, convenient and efficient.