Ashok Engineering and Construction
Vacuum Dewatering Systems
We are the manufacturers and suppluers of a wide range of high performance construction equipment that are specially designed for the various requirements of construction industry in mind. Our construction equipments includes vacuum dewatering systems, concrete mixers, crane buckets, grab buckets, bar bending machines, bar shearing machines. Our construction equipment are available at most reasonable prices that are easy to operate and high in efficiency.
Vacuum Dewatering System
Ashok Vacuum Dewatering System is for having high quality long strip casting of floors at an affordable cost. It removes excess water from the green concrete by vacuum process enabling the water cement ratio to reduce drastically. The wet concrete is compressed by atmospheric pressure and the excess water is squeezed out of the concrete by vacuum dewatering. The system, bringing compactness to the concrete also improves the compressive strength, density and the resistance to water penetration.
Special Features :
Concreting of an area of 200-300 sq. can be done in 8- hours using this system
Reduction in W/C ratio leads to early setting and high strength
Increase in compressive strength of concrete by 40-70%
Surface hardness of the slab increases by 130%
Water absorption is reduced enormously
Minimum dusting
Level floor, high flatness accuracy
Minimized crack formation, Shrinkage reduced by 50%
Earlier utilization of floor
Lower curling defect in floors
High and early strength minimizes damage on newly cast floors
Vacuum Pump   Double Beam Screed Vibrator
A continuous discharge vacuum pump is a completely self contained unit. Two nos. matted areas can be dewatered in one single operation. The pump is powered by 7.5 H.P 3 Phase electric motor.   For leveling as well as compaction of concrete, it consists of high quality steel beam with spacing 12 in between. Special vibrator motor is mounted in the center, rope chain with handles for pulling.
Power Floater   Power Trowel
It is a surface grinding equipment powered by 3 H.P. electric motor through gear box. It grinds the surface to make it flat and wear resistant.   It is a surface finishing equipment powered by 3 H.P. electric motor through gear box. It polishes the surface after power floating.
Top Mat   Filter Mat
Top mat with suction box is usually in standard area of 35 sq. m.   A special high class nylon filter cloth with plastic mesh acts as very fine filter. Required sizes are provided with the system.
Other Accessories
Optional Features :
Special Disc: It can be easily fixed and unfixed on the power trowel, to use this as power floater also, whenever required for higher production
Spare power floater disc.
Spare power trowel blades-set of 4 blades